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      The domestic and international market development trend of valve industry

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      The domestic and international market development trend of valve industry
      A valve, from the market point of view, there are mainly two:
      1, the domestic market, the domestic market and new market, extend project, old equipment repair, renovation project market.
      From two market, general valve product is begged badly for be more than, secondly, between enterprise has pressed Yang, compete without foreword, fake ... ... , market is very non-standard, cause some valve production enterprises in the fierce competition, has a substantial loss. From two market demands, the development as market economy and perfect, especially the progress of the World Trade Organization ( WTO ), the changes in the market is more and more big, the enterprise influenced by the market more and more deep, users of the product market demand is more and more high, the product development, production cycle needs more and more short.
      2, the foreign market.
      The foreign market in recent years is very active, competition is quite intense. East Asia and Southeast Asia valve import and export growth is rapid, North America and other developed countries the market trade sustained development, Germany, Italy, Japan, China and other countries and regions, the United States expand exports, Britain, France and other countries imported high-speed growth, the formation of the international valve market prosperity supporting point, and the world economy further international, Multi-National Corporation will continue to promote the international valve market development of the international trade area is bi become another big characteristic.
      Two, the domestic market
      China's valve production of three more than 2300, can provide valve products for several major categories, more than 3500 varieties, more than 40000 specifications.
      ( 1 ) City Building valves: urban systems generally use low pressure valves, are currently being environment-friendly and energy-saving development direction. The environment-friendly plastic sheet valve, balance valve and the center line butterfly valve, metal sealed butterfly valve is gradually replaced by low iron gate. Domestic city building with valve for balancing valve, soft seal gate valve, butterfly valve.
      ( 2) the city heating valves: City generation thermal system, a great deal of metal sealing butterfly valve, level of balance valve and directly-buried globe valve, because this kind of valve pipe longitudinal, transverse hydraulic disorder problems, achieve energy-saving purpose, generation of heat balance.
      ( 3 ) environmental protection valves: domestic environmental protection system, water supply system mainly by the center line butterfly valve, soft seal gate valve, ball valve, exhaust valve ( for the exclusion of air in the conduit ). Sewage treatment system with soft seal gate valve, butterfly valve.
      ( 4): City gas city gas valves for the entire natural full market 22%, large amount of its type valve also need ball valve, plug valve, relief valve, safety valve.
      ( 5) for long distance pipeline valves: pipeline for crude oil, finished product not and natural pipeline. The pipeline needed most is forged steel valve body type all-pass diameter ball, sulfur resistance of flat gate valve, safety valve, check valve.
      ( 6): a petrochemical valves, oil refinery, oil refining device with valve mostly pipe valve, gate valve, globe valve, mainly for check valve, safety valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, drain valve, gate valve which, be accounted for about 80% of the total number of, ( for a total investment of the valve device 3%~5% ). B, chemical fiber plant, chemical fiber products are mainly polyester, acrylic, vinyl three categories. The need of valve ball valve, sleeve valve ( jacket ball valve, gate valve, the jacket jacket valve ). C, acrylonitrile apparatus. The apparatus generally with the API standard production of valves, gate valve, globe valve, mainly for check valve, ball valve, drain valve, needle valve, plug valve, wherein the valve, gate valve accounted for about 75% of the total. D, ammonia synthesis plant. As a result of ammonia synthesis and purification method is different, its technological process is different, the required valve technical performance is also different. At present, the domestic synthetic ammonia device with gate valve, globe valve, check valve, butterfly valve, ball valve, drain valve, diaphragm valve, regulating valve, needle valve, safety valve, high temperature valve. Among them, stop valve for valve device with total data of 53.4%, valve 25.1%, valve 7.7%, valve 2.4%, valve and away from the valve and other accounts for 11.4%.e, ethylene, ethylene is petro-chemical leading device, the required valve variety. Gate valve, globe valve, check valve, a lifting rod type ball valve gate valve required majority, which topped. The "fifteen" plan, the need to build an annual output of 660000 tons of ethylene plant 6, the considerable demand valve. In addition, large ethylene and high pressure polyethylene unit are used for ultra high temperature, the low temperature and ultra high pressure valve series. F, air separation device. " Empty " is air separation, the device is mainly used cut-off valve, safety valve, check valve, regulating valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, low temperature valve. G, polypropylene, polypropylene is easy with propylene as raw materials, by the polymerization of the polymer, the device with gate valve, globe valve, check valve, needle valve, ball valve, drain valve.
      ( 7) power station valves: our country the construction of the power station to the direction of large-scale development, so the need to use large diameter and high pressure safety valve, pressure reducing valve, stop valve, gate valve, butterfly valves, emergency shut-off valve and a flow control valve, a spherical sealing stop valve, ( according to the national "fifteen " program, in addition to Inner Mongolia, Guizhou two also can be built more than 200000 kilowatts unit, other provinces and cities have built more than 300000 kilowatts unit ).
      ( 8): metallurgical valve in metallurgical industry mainly with wear-resistant alumina slurry valve (in flow type stop valve, regulating valve ). The steel industry is mainly by metal sealing ball valve, butterfly valve and ball valve, cut-off flash and oxidation of four way reversing valve.
      ( 9): with the combined valve of offshore platform offshore oilfield mining development, its marine flat hair with the valve has also gradually increased. Offshore platform with shut-off valve, check valve, multi-way valve.
      ( 10) food and drug use: the main industry valve stainless steel ball valve, with non-toxic plastic ball valve and butterfly valve.
      3, the foreign market. With the entry into the WTO, China's valve market is facing the competition of foreign valve manufacturers, imported from abroad valve amount will have bigger growth, at the same time, China's valve products, cheap, products will have more space.
      ( 1) developed from China's purchase of the valve into the developing country developed from China's purchase of the valve gate valve, mainly for API cut-off valve, check valve, ball valve, butterfly valve
      ( 2) the Middle East, Iraq, oil, pipelines were imported from China petroleum system and pipeline valves: the Middle East, Iraq and other countries from China's imports of oil system with the main valve, stop valve for valve, check valve, pipeline is mainly flat valve and ball valve.
      ( 3) general import and export company need to purchase a general common valve: This valve gate valve, globe valve from general, check valve, ball valve, butterfly valve.
      At present, domestic and foreign valve market competition is very fierce, especially in the domestic market, the state-owned enterprises and township enterprises and private individual competition among enterprises, and their purchasing power is relatively abate, make some valves enterprises are facing the crisis of survival, at the same time, some foreign market opportunity, also led to the domestic enterprises to survive to develop. The United States in the Middle East through Iraq, Iran sanctions opportunities and export situation is valued, our high quality, prices lower valve products, is very easy to enter the Middle East market, exported to developed countries. Therefore, all the valves enterprises, should seize the opportunity, for domestic and foreign valve market demand, expand the market, increase export, in order to develop.
      In three, China should develop the new valve
      Valve product development should focus on the focus of national economic construction to develop. China's " fifteen " economic construction is the focus of energy, agriculture, environmental protection industry and urban construction, that is to say the valve products in the future market mainly in power petrochemical, environmental protection and urban construction and other industries and these industries to be developed or trying to manufacture but also needs to improve quality valve products mainly for the:
      In 1, high temperature, high pressure, the forging of the pilot valve
      2, forged steel of large diameter high pressure stop valve 3, forged steel of large diameter high pressure check valve
      In 4, the metal seal, valve oil seal avdco
      In 5, the whole welding full diameter pipeline ball valve
      In 6, a lifting rod type ball valve
      In 7, large caliber emergency cut-off valve
      8, welded directly-buried globe valve
      High performance butterfly valves ( 9, ANS1 b16.104 6, to more than 500000 times.
      In 10, pilot operated safety valve
      In 11, API 6A flat gate valve
      In 12, API 6a chokt2s valve
      In 13, control of flash ( valve )
      14, regulation of hydrophobic valve
      15, finished product oil support type soft sealing plug valve
      16, deep-sea oil (3000m below the seabed ) gate valve, ball valve
      In 17, a high-pressure large-diameter top-entry ball valve
      In 18, high melting slurry valve
      19, natural gas regulating device
      In addition, valve test device also remains to rise further development.
      At present, although industry of our country valve manufacturers are gradually increased research and development efforts, but the product technology backward, the competition is not capable, production of varieties of valves can only meet the market demand of about 70%. The shortage of low pressure large diameter valves and is produced need contradiction in varieties and materials of high and medium pressure valve, and the development of new products, all need our valve business old research, development, expand. The competition of the market, always is the survival of the fittest. Accelerate the adjustment of product structure, technology updates, new product development, brand creation ... ... Is the enterprise survival, development, domestic and international market foundation for field.

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